Etsy Title & Tags optimisation


You have opened your Etsy store, but the customers are just not finding you.

So, you’ve tried blasting your link to a million Facebook groups to no avail. You’ve tried asking for help in Facebook groups from other sellers, but you keep getting conflicting information. And no matter what you do…


But did you know that your titles and tags are the most important thing when it comes to getting found on Etsy?
And this is something I can help you with!

How does this work?
1. You will give me the link to the listing(s) you want me to improve
2. I will then re-write your title(s) and the tags that go with it.
3. You copy and paste my re-written title to your listing and do the same to the tags! So simple!

Current turnaround time is 3 weeks from the submission of all relevant information.

SEO improvements will take effect within 24 hours but actually seeing results will take time. Fixing your titles and tags WILL help your visibility on Etsy but it does not guarantee sales.

I only use Etsy best practices and if you want to know the reasoning behind the titles and tags, I’m happy to answer any questions!


1 listing £12
3 listings £30
5 listings £45
Over 5 listings - please get in touch for a quote

I need this! What now?

1. Click the link below to fill in the form.

2. I will send you an invoice to pay for the service. You will receive the invoice within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

3. After you have paid the invoice, I will email you to request the information I need to re-write your listing(s) (including links to the listing(s)).

4. After I'm done, I’ll send you an email with the revised title(s) and tags.

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Thank you!

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